March 6, 2012

Simone Elkeles Announces New Book Series!

Get pumped Simone Elkeles fans because boy, have I got news for you! Recently Mrs. Elkeles has announced she will be writing a new series entitled Fullriders about: "high school football players from diverse backgrounds who seem to have gotten a "full ride" in life but whose lives are more complex than they seem, finding love where they least expect it and managing personal challenges on and off the field." (excerpt from goodreads)

Despite the synopsis making the book seem like it centers around football, I don't think we'll have to worry about that. This series, as Elkeles stated, is about ‘brotherhood and loyalty and commitment to the other players on the team‘ and, lets not forget, love :)

Here is and interview in which Simone gives some more information on her new series:

Q: You’ve just announced that you’ll be writing about a diverse team of high school football players who seem to have it all, but that’s just on the surface. So we’ve got to ask, what inspired the idea?

A: I’m from Chicago and football is in my blood. My grandfather was a 40-year season ticket holder for the Chicago Bears and took me to games when I was a kid. I love the game so much that I wanted to try out for my high school team, but none of my friends would do it with me and I didn’t want to be the only girl trying out so I didn’t do it. I always wanted to write a book about football players, because I think people have a perception of who these guys are and I want to break the stereotype and show a side of football players that people might not know ... in addition to showing what it’s like when my characters fall in love!

Q: These guys come from diverse backgrounds; can you share a sneak peek at some of the guys (or the backgrounds) that you’re thinking of?

A: For the Fullriders series, some of the characters are boys and girls of different backgrounds and races — but not all. You’ll see teens who are of mixed-races, because that is something I haven’t written before and have always wanted to write since a lot of my fans can relate.

Q: What are three adjectives you’d use to describe the first Fullriders heroine? And are these the same adjectives you’d choose to describe yourself?

A: 1) Competent
2) Independent
3) Oops (I know “oops” isn’t an adjective, but my heroine seems to always be in a constant state of “oops, I shouldn’t have said/done that,” which is definitely entertaining. I guess you can substitute “oops” for “entertaining”.)

I would say I’m all of these at different times. I’m competent at certain things, I’m intensely independent, and everyone who knows me would probably agree that I’m entertaining and super funny. I love making people laugh, so I pretty much do and say crazy stuff in order to get a reaction.

Q: Can you share a scene or a moment that made you grin while you were writing?

A: I always love the first moment the hero and heroine meet each other. It’s so fun for me, because I know where they are is definitely not where they’re going to end up! I hate giving up scenes because so much will change from the draft I’m working on to the final book. All I can say is that the first meeting right now is at a hardware store, where the heroine works. The heroine is not pleasant to the hero because she thinks he’s someone from a rival high school buying spray paint in order to vandalize her school.

you can find the full review on RT Book Reviews 

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